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 Open Spar, anyone welcome

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Miharu Hachiko


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PostSubject: Open Spar, anyone welcome   Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:04 pm

Miharu was in the fields of the forest out in the open. She was practicing her fire jutsu techniques as she also had out a clone of herself that she was practicing fighting. She wondered if this was enough training, after all she had to be poweful enough to kill him. Sighing she then reached in her pouch taking out her water bottle as she guzzled it down and tossed it into the grass getting back to work.
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Jerica Salvatore


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PostSubject: Re: Open Spar, anyone welcome   Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:21 pm

Wanted to visit a friend and fellow demon host Jerica Salvatore walked up to Miharu seeing that she was training. Her demon was a vicious beast like her demon Kotsune but she played with her victims more than just ripping them to shreds. "Hey Miharu I see your training again is your jutsus getting better" Jerica asked her smiling her purple eyes looked at her. Yamaneko growled within Jerica but only to be ignored by her as well. Jerica long pinkish hair hung down passed her hips. "Mind if I join you Miharu" Jerica asked remaining to smile.
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Kyung Mi Hyung


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PostSubject: Re: Open Spar, anyone welcome   Sat Feb 05, 2011 4:30 pm

Kyung was just sitting on the earthy ground her hand cupped her mouth slightly a lit cigarette in between her fore finger and middle finger as the cigarette was in her mouth. Her back leaning against the tree lazily as she breathed in the nicotine feeling it fill her lungs Kyung soon breathed out a puff of transparent smoke. Kyung felt Miharu's aura, she was apparently training by herself. Soon a what seems like a little girl joined her. Her talking was just annoying to Kyung. Her eyebrows scrunched together a little pissed that someone was talkng so much while she was trying to relax. Kyung's eyes closed as she tried to calm down.

Yeah she was smoking while surrounded by trees but she didn't fucking care. She wasn't one of those stupid idiots who would just stupidly leave a lit cigarette near something that would burn easily.
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PostSubject: Re: Open Spar, anyone welcome   

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Open Spar, anyone welcome
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