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 The New Era of the Kotsune...

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Miharu Hachiko


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PostSubject: Re: The New Era of the Kotsune...   Wed Nov 10, 2010 9:54 pm

Miharu looks up and whips her eyes seeing Raita appear before her asking how she's holding in there.
"Not that good..." I say still embarrassed from what had happened only a minute ago and now she too had to see me cry.
All of a sudden another stranger came up to me that I had never seen before but it almost looked like a girl but it sounded like a guys voice. I then nodded and slightly smiled.
"Thanks but I'm alright..." I told him.
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Raita Kurokaji


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PostSubject: Re: The New Era of the Kotsune...   Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:11 pm

I frowned slightly hearing her say to me she wasn't that great.
"What happened this time, Kotsune being an ass?" I asked. I knew about Kotsune i had known about him since i met Miharu years ago in a forest eatting some other little kid. It was one of the most disturbing things i had ever seen. But after it was over she Miharu began to cry so i made friends with the girl relizing it wasn't her fult.

I then looked up at the stranger and became confused by the kids appearance, but thought only little of it.
"Who are you?" I asked the kid. I was over protective of Miharu and always had been since i called her my little sister.
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The New Era of the Kotsune...
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