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 Revenge. (Miharu, Kotsune, and Gokudera only.)

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Miharu Hachiko

Miharu Hachiko

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Revenge. (Miharu, Kotsune, and Gokudera only.) Left_bar_bleue200/200Revenge. (Miharu, Kotsune, and Gokudera only.) Empty_bar_bleue  (200/200)
Revenge. (Miharu, Kotsune, and Gokudera only.) Left_bar_bleue1600/1600Revenge. (Miharu, Kotsune, and Gokudera only.) Empty_bar_bleue  (1600/1600)
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Revenge. (Miharu, Kotsune, and Gokudera only.) Empty
PostSubject: Revenge. (Miharu, Kotsune, and Gokudera only.)   Revenge. (Miharu, Kotsune, and Gokudera only.) EmptySun Dec 05, 2010 1:48 am

(play the song at the very bottom while you read this, it makes the rp a lot more breath taking to read. Sort of.)

Crimson eyes pierced the sky passed the moon that shone so bright in the night sky. Stars scattered everywhere beyond the deep addicting abyss. Hands gripped tightly into a fist, the fangs showed as the crisp air was inhaled into the lungs in a large breath. A tremendous howl escaped the lips, eyes pierced shut as the scream was let out for all to hear, dropping down to the knees in which the torment was forever to remain. The howl, a cry of sadness and sorrow. Blood dripped onto the grass beneath of the girl in which her head hung back, her spine arched back all the way it stretched while her head faced up towards the sky. The blood dripped from her eyes, not only blood but tears as well as they seeped from her cheek dripping to the ground. In her hands that she clenched so tightly were a pair of eye balls, squishing them tightly in her fist as if to crush them. As for her own eyes, a different pair had been in her sockets which was why it bled so fiercely, she had replaced them with a new set. The howl not of the pain of the removal, but the pain of which she had gotten her redemption.
Trembling her body broke onto back as she collapsed into the grass, her head laying softly on its side while looking at the hand that was soaked in the vermilion shade with the eyes. She was destroying her own, hoping the light she once thought she saw she could destroy with her own hands...but how wrong she was. The light never changed with this new set, just that everything became darker...So much more darker in these eyes. Nothing but more hate than her own...After all, that man deserved it.

She knew it down in her heart, he deserved it! With these thoughts she clenched even more tightly with her nails digging into the cornea and ripped into it as oozing out of it was liquids and a nasty smell. Her head began to throb becoming light headed as her vision began to blur, so much anger...so much. Not a howl this time escaped her lips but a yell, letting out all her pain. Being in a abandoned area there was no one to hear her...Except him. Her demon...Kotsune. Only an hour ago had he been extracted from the girls own body by her own fathers doings, the man that she loathed so much, the one who's eyes she had stolen, in which his body lay dead only a few meters away from her own. The demon had been in his wolf form when extracted, yet when he left he spoke of finding a human body to take over and to control so he had a human body of his own to use for the time to trick others in order to get his meals more easy.

More than anything she wanted all her problems to just...disappear...but that would be of possible of course...just the thought of her life being normal made her laugh on the inside, so stupid...it would never happen...
Without warning a soft drizzling fell upon her weak body in which it felt wet; it was the rain. It began to sprinkle for now until a few minutes later it poured down heavily. Still she lay on her back while the rain began to dampen her body. How much she hated the rain but her body would not will her to move nor search for cover. But this was what she deserved, to drown in her own sorrow. In reality, she never won the battle...He died of chakra overdose. She was not the one to land the final blow in which would end him, no, he died of his own will. He chose his death...She was a complete failure...That's what she was all along...

The blood in which had been pouring from her eyes now were cleared away from the rain that poured down upon her face. No long could she remain like this. Searching for an answer when there was never meant to even be a question. It was foolish, her ambition was a complete joke from the start, and he laughed about it in the end. With a smile on his face, deaths cold touch at his lips. Still, he won even with his own end. She triumphed in the end, but truly, it was all a complete joke. One day, she knew, she would end up just like him...after all, she was his daughter, what was not to say regardless of her hopes that she may one day follow in his footsteps. Interpreting everything, even the things not noticeable enough for her to catch. Now, she lay back up and opened her hand to see nothing but trash in the palm. It was all trash, garbage, a waste. That's what it was.

Standing up she knew fairly well she could not remain in this goddamn place. Just to still be in the presence of that mans corpse made her want to vomit. Though, she needed to make sure he could not ever come back. Walking over to the body that lay there emotionless on it's stomach, she bent down and put a hand on his head as heat waves were sent through her entire arm into the thick skull, heating it up like a microwave. From the rain hitting the cranium in which was being heated, steam emitted upwards. Once enough of it pulsated into the brain it then burst splattering the brain and everything else inside his head everywhere. Now all that lay there was a body with a severed head that had been fried, all mashed up and still even burning on its own. Finding the deed done, the female stood back up and began to walk away from here hoping this was the last time, she would ever hear his name or see his face, ever again...

Her eyes had no longer been brown like its usual shade, but her kekkei genkai was now more advanced then ever. It was the same Jikagon as her own yet instead instead of the eyes being pink they could often change to a crimson blood red. These, were the true eyes of a killer, not to mention a mass murderer. Mercy, these eyes gave none, they had not known the term or even heard of it. Not even the power of the sharingan, rennegan, or byakugan could defeat these eyes...They could not compare! The jikagon of all of them, was the one set of eyes that held the true power of what it meant to murder...The true power of what hatred meant. It was hatred itself. Anyone that dare look into the glance of someone with this power, could see the spewing defiance that raged on within the soul. It was full of madness, no purity at all...

Licking her lips, she could taste the blood that still lingered on her skin from the mans blood in which was splattered across herself when the war had raged on between the two family members. His blood, the same blood that ran through her own veins. It tasted intoxicating, almost enough to make her nauseous. Just the thought of him again was disgusting. It was always sunny in hell. In his and her point of view. Their sun was the death. Such bad people they both were, none could say they were not guilty and have proof. In the end though, it was hard to say who truly was the worst of the two. As she walked, off the ground she had grabbed her maroon kusangi blade that lay on the stone floor bed as she slid it back into its sheath where it belonged, wrapped tightly around to her left waist with a red piece of cloth. Placing her hand at the hilt she let it lay atop it to rest on while her other hand hang with the blood and left over eye balls parts still in tact. Her eyes looked over the hill top in which the day was beginning to arrive. Three days had this battle lasted, and now it was finally over. The horizon shown, the sun barely shown just over the curve of the mounted hill. Her lips curled high up into a smirk, her canine teeth showing as a look of evil shown while her lips then parted for her to speak.

"Sometimes when you cage the demon, it gets angry, and wants revenge..."

(Sorry it's kinda short...I wanted it to be longer but oh well :/ You two can come in whenever you feel like.)

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Revenge. (Miharu, Kotsune, and Gokudera only.)
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